At Workhouse Wellness, we promise to give the best customer care. We will listen to your needs and vow to give the most effective manual therapy treatment achievable. With our proprietary data analysis procedures, our therapists are trained to find distress zones in the body and determine a treatment or recovery plan that best fits your personal condition. We incorporate advanced techniques, modalities, and the most up-to-date proven solutions to create long lasting results. Please review the service menu below and book your appointment today!


Specialized Bodywork & Wellness Coaching


Spot Cryo

20 minutes  $35

This session will focus on ambient cold therapy for rapid pain management and inflammatory control, combined with our Workhouse Method of advanced manual therapy for accelerated relief.

Spot Hydro

30 minutes  $50

45 minutes  $85

This session will utilize heat therapy to calm the nervous system and cold therapy to manage the pain, combined with our Workhouse Method to get the soft tissue out of distress.

Maintenance Care

45 minutes  $85

60 minutes  $115

Workhouse Method general care with our Thermal Infra assessment. Focused attention on stress points but a sensitivity to the whole body and mind.


Pain & Injury Management

60 minutes  $115

90 minutes  $160

Focused care and attention with your personal involvement for realignment, geared towards administering stages of healing from years of impact and stress.

Stress Management & Decompression

60 minutes  $115

75 minutes  $135

Sole focus of allowing the body to decompress from cranial sacral adhesions, sinus points, and internal relations through Reflexology and long rhythmic patterns of Lomilomi.

Spectrum Detail

90 minutes  $160

2 hours  $200

2 hours 30 minutes $250

An all encompassing therapy which focuses on your physical stresses, while allowing your body to unwind and loosen through key integrals of time. This distinct rhythmic routine is extremely impactful to body revitalization.

Youth Prevention and Maintenance

45 minutes  $75

60 minutes  $100

Youth Athletes and Performers put their bodies through strenuous activity during crucial developmental years. Stay ahead of the game by giving proper attention to maintaining the body at a young age, while feeding them with seeds of information for self-care and well-being.


Workhouse Wellness Workshops


Young Athletes Workshop

Our Workhouse Wellness coaches come to your facility to teach and encourage positive care and maintenance with young athletes and performers.

Workhouse Method Workshop

Interested in expanding your bodywork therapy techniques? Call or email today to learn more about our certified training program.

Workhouse Retreats

Be on the lookout for our yearly Workhouse Retreat! Once a year we come together for a relaxing weekend filled with boutique wellness workshops, meditation, fitness activities, nourishing meals, and dancing!